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Ebola Watch!: THE LATEST!

Medic-All (31:07:2014)

57 more lives claimed, 122 new cases, according to the World Health Organization
Total No. of Infected(Presently) : 1323
Reported cases of death in 4 countries : Guinea(339), Liberia(156), Nigeria(1), Sierra Leone(233).

SierraLeone: Death toll increases, Government declares emergency
SierraLeone and Liberia put sweeping measures in place.
Britain: Asylum seeker suspected of having the deadly Ebola virus after developing symptoms within days of arriving in Britain from Libera.
UN: Yet to order travel restrictions , still monitoring situation
US Peace Corps evacuates hundreds from West Africa 
Nigeria: Anambra State indigene's corpse from Liberia causes fear.

Sources: World Health Organization                  The Wall Street Journal                   The Telegraph (U.K)

Africa's Health Sector; An Oil-Well in the Making

Medic-All (31:07:14)

Amidst the various health challenges being faced on the African continent, there are strong indications that Africa's healthcare industry may be enjoying some significant if not a massive growth over the next few years and becoming a "oil-well" for teeming investors.

Whilst healthcare development in Africa has been close to "laggard", the  fast-paced economic growth in many African countries seems to be the driving force behind the recent huge increase in investment. It is estimated that Sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare market will rocket to $35 billion by 2016!, this figure is set to increase even further in the years ahead fuelled by both domestic & international investment and an ever-increasing demand for healthcare.
As hospital development across Africa increases over the next few years to meet up with the present healthcare problems which include the lack of adequate healthcare facilities, so to will opportunities for international he…

DOCTORS' STRIKE: Will the NMA be banned?

Day 30 : NMA Nationwide Strike Continues
As sad as it is to comprehend , the truth remains that doctors in government Hospitals across Nigeria under the aegis of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) have been on nationwide strike for the past one month over irreconcilable differences and alleged breach of trade union agreement.
Series of talks between government representatives and officials of federal government have so far failed to result in concrete agreement and hence the strike continues to linger as it enters it's second month , to the detriment of a large populace who cannot afford the cost of healthcare offered by the private hospitals.
There are purported reports in some section of the media suggesting that the Federal Government plans to take drastic steps towards ending the 30-day old strike. This may include  banning the NMA, followed by the privatisation of  public health institutions. The no work, no pay principle will then be enforced, and doctors who are i…

BREAKING:Sierra Leone's Top Ebola Doctor dies after contracting virus

Dailymail; U.K (29/07/14):Sierra Leone's top doctor fighting an outbreak of Ebola has died from the virus, the country's chief medical officer, Brima Kargbo, said on Tuesday.

Sheik Umar Khan, who was credited with  treating more than 100 patients, was infected with Ebola this month and had been moved to a treatment ward run by medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres in the far north of the country. The news of his death comes as health officials admit they do not have a list of all the people a Liberian Ebola victim came into contact with in the hours before he collapsed, prompting fears the outbreak could spread.

Ebola Crisis: Will it Keep Spreading?

A Liberian doctor has died and two Americans have become infected in West Africa's Ebola epidemic, which has now spread to the region's most populous city, Lagos, Nigeria. The Ebola scare!:How real?
Following the events of the past week , the news of the deadly Ebola virus disease has taken over discussions among health experts all over the world. The question in the minds of most people is:
"Whether the virus will indeed keep spreading,and how far it could,if it did"?
Until now, the virus, which kills up to 90 percent of those who fall ill, had struck mainly in small, rural villages in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. But this outbreak has covered a much broader area—and has killed more than 670 people since late last year. 
What are the chances of of the virus spreading?
Public health experts say they expect the virus to reach other parts of the world, including the United States, though it is widely believed that it's unlikely to spread widely in regions with well-funde…

Businessdayonline: Lagos quarantines hospital where Ebola victim died

Businessdayonline (Lagos)
Monday 28/7/2014
The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris on Monday, said the state has shut down and quarantined a hospital where a Liberian man died of Ebola in the first recorded case of the highly infectious disease in the country. Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for the Liberian finance ministry in his 40s, collapsed on arrival at Lagos airport on July 20 and was put in isolation at the First Consultants Hospital in Obalende. He died on Friday. “We have shut the hospital to enable us to properly quarantine the environment. Some of the hospital staff who were in close contact with the victim have been isolated,” Idris said. The hospital will be shut for a week and all staff monitored to ensure the virus has not spread, he added. Ebola has killed 672 people across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since it was first diagnosed in February. It can kill up to 90 percent of those who catch it, although the fatality rate of the current outbreak is around 60 …

DIAGNOSIS: A Troubled Health Sector


It is not uncommon to find that in the midst of several conflicting reports, accusations and counter-accusations, the most salient and important of details are quickly forgotten while "shadow-chasing" very often becomes the order of the day.

Over the last few weeks I have come across several reports in the dailies and on social media as regards the on-going events in the Nigerian health sector. Most of these reports and articles, lopsided on many occasions, have a common denominator, presenting the Nigerian doctor as an enemy of the people and the manner of their submissions is such as to draw undue sympathy from the unsuspecting public and sometimes misinformed public.
It is perhaps apt at such a time as this to look closely at the health sector in Nigeria (which has being recently tagged "one of the least adequate on the continent" by the international media) and the real issues surrounding the nationwide strike action embarked upon…



Ebolavirusdisease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans.

EVD outbreaks have a case fatality rate of up to 90%. The outbreaks occur primarily in remote villages in Central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests.

Ebola is introduced into the human population through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals.

The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission.

In Africa, infection has been documented through the handling of infected chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines found ill or dead or in the rainforest.

Ebola spreads in the community through human-to-human transmission, with the infection resulting from direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and indirect contac…

NMA Strike to continue despite Ebola threat -Lagos NMA

In spite  of  the imminent threat of the Ebola Virus in Lagos, striking medical doctors under the aegis of Lagos State branch of the Nigerian Medical Association, have said they will not suspend the ongoing strike . The Chairman of the association, Dr Tope Ojo, said the ongoing strike was not called because of Ebola and could not be called off because of the threat of the viral infection in the state. He said, “We are not on strike because of Ebola. It was never part of our demands. It wasn’t our fault.” He, however, said the doctors would continue to partner with the state government to monitor the trend of the disease to check its spread. Ojo, who spoke at a press briefing organised by the newly elected officials of NMA in the state, said the association regretted that his team had to take over the leadership of the association during the industrial dispute. He blamed the  ongoing crisis in the health sector on the Federal Government’s  mismanagement of the sector. He said, ” Why should a…

Ebola Virus:.Nigerian Government confirm first case in Lagos

ABUJA/GENEVA (Reuters) - A Liberian man who died in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos on Friday tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus, Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said. Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for the Liberian finance ministry in his 40s, collapsed on Sunday after flying into Lagos, a city of 21 million people, and was taken from the airport and put in isolation in a local hospital. Nigeria confirmed earlier on Friday that he had died in quarantine.
"His blood sample was taken to the advance laboratory at the Lagos university teaching hospital, which confirmed the diagnosis of the Ebola virus disease in the patient," Chukwu told a press conference on Friday. "This result was corroborated by other laboratories outside Nigeria."


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