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Africa's Health Sector; An Oil-Well in the Making

Medic-All (31:07:14)

Amidst the various health challenges being faced on the African continent, there are strong indications that Africa's healthcare industry may be enjoying some significant if not a massive growth over the next few years and becoming a "oil-well" for teeming investors.

Whilst healthcare development in Africa has been close to "laggard", the  fast-paced economic growth in many African countries seems to be the driving force behind the recent huge increase in investment. It is estimated that Sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare market will rocket to $35 billion by 2016!, this figure is set to increase even further in the years ahead fuelled by both domestic & international investment and an ever-increasing demand for healthcare.

As hospital development across Africa increases over the next few years to meet up with the present healthcare problems which include the lack of adequate healthcare facilities, so to will opportunities for international healthcare investors and solution providers involved in hospital equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical technologies and other healthcare services and products.

We can only hope that such investments in the long term will translate Africa's healthcare sector into a viable and sustainable one that ranks amongst the best the world can offer.

Ref: Africa Health Care Summit

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