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Coronavirus - CDC Releases New Guidelines

Friday June 12 The CDC gave its first public briefing in 3 months and released new guidelines stressing caution with travel, fre...


Hello! Dear Medical World, Medic-All Inc. Born today into the world of Medicine , but has being living in the mind of the blogger for years! So it's Hurray.

Medic-All seeks to create a platform for 1.Medical professionals all over the world to come together , interact and discuss topical issues that affect the profession and practice.
2. Networking amongst medical professionals including students and aspiring students! (Doctors are born not made)
3. Exchange of Information on Career options available to doctors and medical professionals at every level: including information on licensing examinations in the U.S, U.K , Canada, Australia.e.t.c , Masters programs, Research fellowships, Observerships, Externships, Internships , Electives .e.t.c
4. Medical Job opportunities everywhere and anywhere via our sole social network partner (MedJobs) and other facilities.
5. Ensuring every medical profession makes the best of the profession as well to ensure a terrain that is conducive and fulfilling for every stakeholder.
6.  Educating the public on medical conditions and sharing views and perspectives on pressing issues within the health sector.

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