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Ebola Watch!: THE LATEST!

Medic-All (31:07:2014)

57 more lives claimed, 122 new cases, according to the World Health Organization

Total No. of Infected(Presently) : 1323

Reported cases of death in 4 countries : Guinea(339), Liberia(156), Nigeria(1), Sierra Leone(233).


Sierra Leone: Death toll increases, Government declares emergency

Sierra Leone and Liberia put sweeping measures in place.

Britain: Asylum seeker suspected of having the deadly Ebola virus after developing symptoms within days of arriving in Britain from Libera.

UN: Yet to order travel restrictions , still monitoring situation

US Peace Corps evacuates hundreds from West Africa 

Nigeria: Anambra State indigene's corpse from Liberia causes fear.


Sources: World Health Organization
                 The Wall Street Journal
                  The Telegraph (U.K)

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