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National Doctor's Day! Lets Celebrate the Profession!

Medic-ALL (03:30:2015) PROFESSION

Its National Doctors Day today, the 30th of March in the U.S and there truly is a lot to celebrate about the profession that makes it absolutely necessary to have a day set aside Doctorstoreflect on the evolution of medicine and appreciate the quality of physician care today.

Doctors have come a long way from the ancient healers they once were thousands of years ago. The profession has survived many transformations with the unfailing commitment to maintaining and improving human health.

The U.S. Senate and House officially declared March 30 as National Doctor’s Day in 1990, however, it’s been celebrated for decades longer, according to the National Doctor’s Day website. In 1933, Dr. Charles B. Almond’s wife Eudora recognized the dedication, discipline, and aptitude that was required of her husband and his colleagues every day in their practice.

The Wonders You Call Doctors When you feel sick or in pain, whether it's the body or mind, you seek doctors t…

Is Sex Bringing Ebola Back?

Medic-ALL (03:29:2014) -DISEASE
Its been a year long outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus and whilst the whole world looked back at the losses and lessons from the epidemic this past year, the virus appears to be making an unheralded comeback.

On Friday, in Liberia (one of the hardest hit countries alongside Sierra Leone and Guinea) , a 44 year old victim of the deadly virus was reported dead. There are indications that the new case may have occured via sexual transmission from a survivor she was said to be dating. Additional tests are being carried out to confirm this.
Research has shown traces of Ebolacan remain  in the  semen of some survivors for at least 82 days after the onset of symptoms. There is no conclusive scientific proof these traces are infectious. But anecdotal evidence in the latest case, and several others in West Africa, along with and confirmed transmission of Marburg, another viral hemorrhagic fever, have led experts to warn of the potential risk of sexually transmitte…

Getting into U.S Residency: Experience That Counts

Medic-ALL 03:20:2015

Yet another matching season is rounding up and while many medical graduates are celebrating their acceptance into residency programs across the United States, a good number are left to wonder what went wrong with their application and were they might have missed it. 

It is now common knowledge to Foriegn medical graduates pursuing residency programs in the U.S that matching into a U.S residency program depends mostly on good USMLE scores, visa status and U.S clinical experience (USCE)

There’s no doubt that US clinical experience or USCE, is a vital part of the residency application. As a bonus, your USCE can also provide another valuable boost to your application, in the form of strong letters of recommendation. But many applicants find themselves overwhelmed or confused when trying to decide what type of experience will boost their application.