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National Doctor's Day! Lets Celebrate the Profession!

Medic-ALL (03:30:2015) PROFESSION

Its National Doctors Day today, the 30th of March in the U.S and there truly is a lot to celebrate about the profession that makes it absolutely necessary to have a day set aside Doctors to reflect on the evolution of medicine and appreciate the quality of physician care today.

Doctors have come a long way from the ancient healers they once were thousands of years ago. The profession has survived many transformations with the unfailing commitment to maintaining and improving human health.

The U.S. Senate and House officially declared March 30 as National Doctor’s Day in 1990, however, it’s been celebrated for decades longer, according to the National Doctor’s Day website. In 1933, Dr. Charles B. Almond’s wife Eudora recognized the dedication, discipline, and aptitude that was required of her husband and his colleagues every day in their practice.

The Wonders You Call Doctors
When you feel sick or in pain, whether it's the body or mind, you seek doctors to restore you back to health. Doctors improve the quality and length of life through helping to manage and defeat the many diseases and conditions that plague people all over the world. Doctors reassure and empathize with the "sickest" of patients and comfort those in the most broken conditions. It has to be one of the most difficult jobs anywhere in the world. 

There are challenges facing the world of medicine and particularly doctors today especially as It concerns certain medical conditions with no known cure, but such challenges can only demand more of medicine.It has taken thousands of years to accumulate the knowledgd doctors have today, and modern medicine will continue to improve and ensure a better living and healthier future. 

Ref:Medical Daily

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