The Bitter Truth about the Bitter Kola-Ebola Relationship

Friday (01:08:2014)

The Bitter Kola truth!
Since the advent of BBM and other types of such applications, the act of broadcasting messages has become contagious.
But from experience, I have learnt to verify such messages before sending it on its trail or disregarding it.

So yesterday, when I got the broadcast about bitter kola being an internationally proven cure for Ebola,  my first instinct was to ignore it.
But how do you ignore a message that keeps showing up on all information platform that you visit?

My aim today is to tell you all and reiterate what we have heard severally in this past week:  as at today, EBOLA HAS NO CURE OR VACCINE!

Bitter Kola, scientifically called Garcinia Kola has not been proven to cure Ebola virus.
I mean, think of it! If Bitter kola cures Ebola virus, then how come so many people in Sierra Leone , Liberia and Guinea have died from the disease? Or do you think Nigeria has a monopoly of bitter kola?
Of course not.
Bitter Kola grows in the rainforest of the  tropics, and that's not just Nigeria.

About 15 years ago, Prof Maurice Iwu ( then Dr Maurice Iwu, same Maurice Iwu of INEC), announced to the world that Bitter kola has been noted to stop the multiplication of the Ebola virus in test tubes. And that's it.
It has not even been tested on animals, let alone humans.

Before a drug or a substance is termed 'curative', it goes through several screening processes.
The fact that it worked 15 years ago in a test tube doesn't mean it has been accepted as a cure.
What it means however, is that there is hope that a cure is possible.

However, in the mean time, stay safe and stay healthy.

Courtesy :B8's Soliloquies
By a Colleague ,Amb. B8 

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