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Advantages of Outdoor Running

When you run outdoors, your muscles and joints become more conditioned to the varying terrains which works on the feet and ankles muscles particularly in different ways . As an athlete, you experience various surfaces while running and you'll be better able to adapt to changes in weather and know when to exert extra effort when faced with elevations or known obstacles.

Downhill running helps to train the muscles in front of your leg, the anterior tibialis muscle and the turns encountered in outdoor running helps to improve lateral agility.

Running outdoors just stresses the body in a variety of ways, with water and sun and heat and hills, that makes you work harder.

Other advantages
  • Running outdoors allows you to enjoy nature, natural weather conditions and breathe fresh air. 
  • You can continue running/training irrespective of your geographic location 
  • For professional athletes, outdoor running provides sport-specific training for road races. 
  • Outdoor running tends to be motivating because it requires completion of distance goals and arriving at particular landmark locations rather than just stepping off a machine. 
  • On a lighter note You don't need a gym membership with outdoor running.

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