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Coronavirus - CDC Releases New Guidelines

Friday June 12
The CDC gave its first public briefing in 3 months and released new guidelines stressing caution with travel, frequency and length of social interactions, importance of face mask and cloth face coverings and social distancing even as people begin venturing out and businesses reopen.

COVID-19 Latest

June 11 2020 Latest

Nearly 7.5 million cases now reported worldwide with 3.7 million recoveries.

U.S cases top 2 million with increases in 21 states.

Cases in Russia now over 500,000 with 8779 new cases.

Experts fear a new wave of cases and deaths in September.

Pakistan and Bangladesh report 5,834 and  3,187 new cases respectively. Mexico has 4883 new cases and  Over 2200 new cases reported in Iran.

Hundreds of new cases also reported in several countries across Asia, Europe, The Americas and Africa including Belarus, Afghanistan, Kuwait, India, Bahrain, Nepal, Portugal, Brazil, Ukraine, UAE, Armenia, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and  Congo.

Stay Safe

Keep Your Distance
Wear Your Masks 
Wash Your Hands

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