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Cell Phones and Cancer Risk

Precaution is better than cure 

There seems to be clear evidence showing that cell phone radiation is linked to cancers based on Draft technical reports on cell phones and health concern released by the The National Toxicology Program(NTP).

Cell phones are known to emit a form of non-ionizing radiation (radiofrequency energy), from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy. It is known that ionizing radiation such as x-rays can increase cancer risk but there has not been substantial  nor consistent evidence to show that non-ionizing radiation has a similar effect.

The NTP (The National Toxicology Program (NTP) Chronic Carcinogenicity Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation) recently  released its Draft Technical Reports Peer Review on cell phones and health concerns based on 10 years of research.  

Highlights of the report as summarized by experts:

 1. Exposure to cell phone radiation led to an increase in certain types of tumors in the brain (gliomas) and the heart (schwannomas). 
2. There was an increase in tumors found in the adrenals, prostate, pancreas, pituitary, and liver.
3. There was an increase in glial cell hyperplasia of the brain, which is a precursor or precancerous state to the type of brain cancer – malignant glioma. 
4. Damage to DNA was found in both rats and mice involved in the study. DNA damage to the hippocampus (memory center) of the brain was identified in the male animals. 
5. There were heart changes or cardiomyopathy identified in male rats.
6. Exposure during pregnancy affected the rat pups with lower survival rates and lower birth weights. 
7.Male animals had an increased incidence of benign heart, brain, and prostate tumors. 
8. Female animals had an increased incidence of benign brain tumors.

Undoubtedly, more research is needed to validate these findings, it however is important that these pointers help raise some awareness on the risks faced with the use of this devices and help individuals and families take the necessary precautions with the hope of avoiding months or years of tending to a sick loved one in the hospital.

Experts recommend reducing and maintaining a distance from the device, especially with children. Avoid sleeping with your phone close to your head. Use speakers, wired headsets and keep the phone away from your body. Unplug your wireless routers at night or use other wired technology. Consider the use electromagnetic radiation protective clothing, bedding and devices if possible.


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