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First Womb Transplant in the U.S


About 5 months after the first baby was born from a transplanted womb in Sweden, a team of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic performed the first successful uterus transplant in the United States. 

On Wednesday, February 24, a 26 year old woman received the new womb courtesy of a deceased organ donor in a 9 hour operation. The womb will be removed once she has one or two babies. This will enable her to stop the medications she has to be on to prevent her body from rejecting the foreign organ-this is a huge risk that has led to failed procedures in the past. Her previously impossible pregnancy will now rely on in vitro fertilization (IVF), using her eggs (harvested prior to the transplant) that have been fertilized with her husband's sperm and then frozen.

As at Thursday, the patient was in stable conditions and will have to wait for about a year for the healing process to be complete before she has the IVF procedure. Also, a cesarean section will probably be the right option for delivery when the time comes to prevent any injury either to the mother or child.

Ref: CNN, Cleveland Clinic

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