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India Performs First Fetal Heart Surgery!

Medic-ALL (01:11:2014)
A team of 12 specialists  led by K. Nageshwar Rao, chief pediatric cardiologist at  Care Hospital in Hyderabad performed India’s first successful fetal heart surgery. The baby in the womb of a 25-year old Sirisha was diagnosed with  severe aortic valve obstruction that was causing failure of blood supply sue to interrupted pumping of left ventricle. It was also resulting in further damage in the form of leakage of mitral valve and shrinkage of left sided heart chambers.

The surgery was performed in the 27th week of pregnancy after a failed attempt at 26 weeks due to unfavourable fetal positioning. The blockage according to Dr. Rao , is said to have been reduced from 99percent to 60percent which is sufficient to allow normal development of the left ventricle.Further surgery such as balloon dilatation may however be carried out after birth.

The history of fetal heart surgery dates back to April 1981, when the  first human open fetal heart surgery was carried out in the University of California , San Francisco under the direction of Dr Michael Harrison following extensive research with animal models by him and his research colleagues.

Ref: The Healthsite
         Iseeindia website

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  1. Nice one, Dr Kay. So hoping that you will do Nigeria's first abi?


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