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Nigeria Declared Ebola-Free by WHO

Medic-ALL (20:10:2014) by Kayode Kuku

With no new cases of Ebola reported in Nigeria over the last 42 days, the World Health Organization (WHO) today declared the country "Ebola Free", a sign of how the deadly virus could have been easily contained had the other West African countries ravaged by the disease acted swiftly.

There haven’t been any cases of Ebola in 42 days, said WHO Country Representative Rui Gama Vaz in a news conference in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.
“The last chain of transmission has been broken. The disease is gone,” said Dr. Vaz. “This is a spectacular story, that Ebola can be defeated.”
This is following an announcement that Senegal is also rid of the virus.

The entire world and health officials particularly were concerned of a possible worldwide outbreak  and wary of the spread throughout the world when a Liberian-American "transported" the virus into Nigeria when he flew into Lagos, the Country's most populous city with a population of about 21 million people late July.
A different story has been unfolding in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, whose governments didn’t notice Ebola had arrived in their interiors until March, four months after the disease first erupted in rural Guinea late last year.
More than 4,500 people are known to have died from the disease in those countries, the WHO says. Thousands more are thought to have contracted it without ever being tallied in the United Nations health agency’s records.
Meanwhile the United States continue to put in place measures to ensure the diseses which has so far been confirmed in 3 persons in the U.S. 43 contacts of the country's first Ebola case, Thomas Eric Duncan have been cleared after not developing any symptoms following a 21-day period in quarantine, while 4 others are close to the end of the isolation period.
 Reports from Spain, reveal that the nurse's aide has also beaten Ebola after spending weeks hospitalized with the disease.

Ref : Wall Street Journal

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