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Ebola in Spain

Medic-ALL (07:10:2014)

In the first known case of Ebola transmission outside the shores of Africa, a Spanish Nurse has tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus in Madrid, Spain just days after the United States reported it's first case of the disease. The Spanish medical worker tested positive after treating an Africa-based missionary who had been infected with the virus and flown to Madrid, where he was been admitted at the Carlos Ill Hospital which had been specially prepared to treat the disease. Alarms are however being raised by Spanish medical-worker representatives over the adequacy of the country's medical procedures to manage the disease and prevent the spread in the country and beyond.

The infected medical worker was part of a team that treated Brother Manuel Garcia Viejo, a Spanish missionary who served as a medical director of a hospital in Sierra Leone and died of Ebola on September 25, three days after he was flown into Madrid. She worked as a sanitary technician and may have being in contact with the patient once while he was alive and with with clothes after he died. She subsequently presented with a fever on September 30th, admitted at a Suburban hospital in Madrid.
The infection was confirmed by two tests, the second one yesterday October 6th.

As the world continues to be gripped with news of spread of the virus, we continue to hope it is contained successfully world-wide. There have been over 7400 cases reported in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia mainly and the death toll has surpassed 3400 deaths in the deadliest Ebola outbreak in world history.

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