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SATURDAY 02:08:2014

US Ebola victim arrives at Emory University hospital in Atlanta:

One of two two US victims of the West African Ebola outbreak, Dr. Kent Brantly arrived in the country on Saturday and was transferred to an Atlanta hospital with one of the most sophisticated isolation units in the country.

He was flown by specially adapted private jet to Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. He was said to have contracted the disease while working for a charity in Liberia.

The other victim is to be carried on a latter flight as the plane is equipped to carry one patient at a time.

State of Emergency in Sierra Leone:

A state of emergency has been declared in Sierra Leone and troops have been called in to enforce an Ebola quarantine, joining Liberia in imposing controls to curb the worst ever outbreak of the virus amid fears it could spread beyond West Africa.

Nigeria's 1479 Land Borders raises fears

There are fears that Nigeria's 1479 porous borders poses a threat to the ability of the country to check the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. There are calls being made to ensure the closing of some of the borders by the Federal Government.

A disease out of control?

Doctors beyond borders fear that the deadly Ebola virus disease may be out of control.

Ref : the guardian (U.S)
         Punch (Ngr)


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