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Advantages of Treadmill running

Indoor/Treadmill running has its advantages. If you’re on a treadmill, you can catch up on your favorite TV shows, and easily watch your metrics (heart rate, distance covered, elevation, calories burned e.t.c) by the second. While running on a treadmill you don’t have to worry about muddy conditions, dirt on the sidewalks, poodles or potholes, and you get the emotional satisfaction of passing the same out-of-shape slowpokes again and again.

Other advantages of treadmill running:
  • There are no weather and temperature constraints with indoor running 
  • Running on the treadmill, you can stop anytime you want. 
  • The smooth, cushioned surface of the treadmill is easier on the joints. 
  • You can have easier access to restrooms when needed. 
  • You can do it alone and at any hour 

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