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The Physician, The Leader!

Lately I have been exposed like never before to the diversity of roles available in a medical team  in a developed country like the United States and this has made me wonder even more about the role of the Physicians as the "Head of the medical team" and leaders in the medical sector and the responsibilities that come with such leadership positions that most physicians have to imbibe rather than learn. I came across this interesting article on the "proper way for physicians to be leaders" by a Pathology resident one, one of my favorite medical blogs and I thought i should share  via, by Benjamin Mazer MD, MBA In medical school, you learn very quickly that you can’t know everything. By the end of your first-year anatomy course, you’ll probably give up on learning the names of every part of the body, let alone the intricacies of how they function. As physicians, we must grow comfortable with our limitations. We seek help from our colleagues and t…