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Medic-ALL (OCT 29 2015) DISEASE One out of Six people will suffer a Stroke during their lifetime! That's a pretty scary statement, but one that can become even more alarming without a day like today. The 29th October is the day observed worldwide as the World Stroke Day, it was established 9 years go by the World Stroke Organization to underscore the seriousness and high rates of the disease worldwide, raise awareness on the prevention and treatment of the condition and ensure better care and support for survivors.

This year, the World Stroke Organization is introducing a new slogan for this important health observance: “Because I care…” This theme reminds us that caring about ourselves, our families, and our friends is the key to preventing strokes and to helping those who experience a stroke. 

A Stroke or Cerebrovascular accident is caused by an interruption in the blood supply to the brain resulting either from  the bursting of a blood vessel or the blockage of a vessel by a cl…

Pathological Hazard! Patient wakes up at Post-Mortem

Medic-ALL (10:13:2015) via AFPA homeless Indian man who had been pronounced dead woke up on an autopsy table, shocking hospital staff who were about to begin a post-mortem, authorities said Tuesday.

Police in Mumbai said they found the man, who has not been named, unconscious and suffering from multiple infections on Sunday morning and took him to the local hospital.

A doctor at the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital certified the man as dead and sent the body for autopsy, Ashok Dudhe, Mumbai Police deputy commissioner told AFP.

"As the autopsy was about to begin, the man awoke triggering chaos after which the doctors rushed to the room. Then they snatched the death certificate from my staff and tore it up," Dudhe said.

The Dean of the Hospital,  Dr Suleman Merchant said the police forced the error by asking doctors to examine the man on the road outside the hospital, because they were busy with security arrangements for a visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
"They …

MSF: Medico-Humanitarian Giants!

Medic-ALL(10:04:2015) via AFP
Doctors Without Borders (MSF), whose Kunduz hospital in Afghanistan was hit by a suspected US air strike on Saturday, is one of the largest medical charities in the world, counting more than 36,000 volunteers working in 60 countries.

MSF was founded on December 21, 1971 when a team of French medics and journalists, including humanitarian icon Bernard Kouchner, denounced what they described as a genocide in secessionist Biafra, in Nigeria.

The non-profit provides emergency medical care in war zones, during epidemics and in the wake of natural disasters, and is a self-governed group of 24 associations worldwide, based in Switzerland.

Its stated commitment to caring for patients regardless of race, religion or political affiliation and reputation for working in the toughest of conditions saw it awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

In 2014, the charity oversaw 384 projects worldwide, 31 percent of which were linked to armed conflict.

Operations in Sudan, the Demo…