International Left-Handers' Day: Separating Facts From Myths About Lefties

Medic-ALL (08:13:2015)

 Happy Left-Handers' Day

There are a lot of beliefs and myths about left handed people or "lefties" as they are fondly called. This beliefs range from how this handedness plays a role in their behaviors and level of intelligence to whether it's a genetic trait or not.

Today, August 13 the International Left-Handers day, set aside to celebrate the 11% of people in the world who have the amazing ability to use their left limbs for tasks that most of the general population can only carry out comfortably using their rights limbs.

Facts show that about 13% of men are left-handed , while it's 10% in women.

READ MORE in this Medical Daily article on the Facts regarding Left-Handedness. Happy "Left-Handers' and "Left-Footers' Day!

Click on this LinkAugust 13 Is International Left-Handers' Day: Let's Separate Facts From Myths About Lefties

Ref: MedicalDaily

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