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Prevent Hepatitis, Act Now

World Hepatitis Day!

Every 28th of July, marks the World Hepatitis Day. This year's campaign not only focuses on raising  awareness of the often underestimated viral inf , but also on preventive measures against it.

There are about 400million people living with hepatitis B and C worldwide. Up to 1.4 million people die due to the infection every year and there are millions of new infections on a yearly basis.

The transmission of the virus can be prevented through better awareness and services that improve safety practices including blood and injection safety, perinatal screenings and vaccinations.

Four Hundred million deaths is certainly more than enough for A Call to Awareness and Action.

Lets Join the Campaign Today


Ref: World Health Organization Media Center
WorldHepatitisDay website

Medic-ALL.Inc 2015!!! One Year Anniversary

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